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Fake Plastic Heads, creating Electronic Dance Music.

Fake Plastic Heads – Electronic Dance Music Project

Excited to announce my latest musical venture, “Fake Plastic Heads”!

Nestled in a charming town near Munich, Germany, I’ve embarked on a captivating journey exploring the realms of electronic music with experimental nuances.

The name “Fake Plastic Heads” reflects on the pervasive theme of authenticity versus artificiality in our lives, inviting listeners to delve into the complexities of human emotion. Each composition and album crafted under this moniker offers an immersive audio-visual experience, weaving intricate soundscapes that resonate deeply with audiences.

Join me on this innovative exploration of authenticity and introspection in the electronic music scene. Let’s connect and embark on a thought-provoking journey through sound and emotion.

This is the second live gig, recorded during the last week of 2021:
A Live Electronica Set:

Live Electronica Session – May 8th 2022

Nic Endo

Back in 2006, I presented my music to Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot)

Nic Endo
Source: https://www.facebook.com/Nic.Endo.official

Her response: “Quite exceptional for music from Germany.” We had a tiny conversation a couple of months later – after an Alec Empire gig in Cologne (Underground).

Tune in to a couple of instrumentals:

The album “Bas Delicte” is a noise album that was recorded back in the year 2006: