Electronic Press Kit – Fake Plastic Heads

Munich, Germany – April 1, 2024 – Charles S. Kuzmanovic, a distinguished musician renowned for his avant-garde compositions, has embarked on an enthralling musical odyssey under the moniker “Fake Plastic Heads.” Nestled in a serene town near Munich, Kuzmanovic delves into the realms of electronic music, infusing it with experimental nuances, and fragments of noise, glitch, and IDM.

The project’s name, “Fake Plastic Heads,” resonates profoundly, reflecting on the ubiquitous encounters with insincerity and artificiality in our lives. It serves as a poignant reminder for those who have grappled with the repercussions of relying on counterfeit friendships and relationships.

At the core of Kuzmanovic’s musical endeavor lies a compelling narrative—the translation of innermost emotions into an organic and abstract sonic landscape, resonating deeply within the listener’s psyche. Unlike fleeting melodies, each composition and album crafted by “Fake Plastic Heads” demands a more profound engagement, catering to an audience weary of short-lived distractions. Through intricate audio-visual storytelling, Kuzmanovic invites listeners to embark on a cinematic voyage through his creations.

With dark and often industrial soundscapes as the foundation, “Fake Plastic Heads” intricately weaves complex structures of sound and noise, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic depths of human experience. It’s an artistic approach aimed at mitigating the impact of suffering while exploring the more abstract realms of the human psyche.

As “Fake Plastic Heads” continues to carve its niche in the electronic music scene, Charles S. Kuzmanovic’s innovative vision promises to captivate audiences, offering a thought-provoking exploration of authenticity and introspection through sound.

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