Fake Plastic Heads Song Lyrics – in no particular order

Song Lyrics and Poetry from Charles S. Kuzmanovic a.k.a. Fake Plastic Heads – a tiny selection of poems that are used in FPH songs.

A Dream

I wish I had a dream

I wish I had a body

with a plastic head on top

with plastic fingers and a gun

and rusty nails poked through my hands

so I could melt in the orange sun

then I would jump into the river

and see the black-eyed angels’ wings

tear them off and make them sing

for you I’d just do anything

I’d take them home beneath the asphalt

where jeaulous worms all cover me

I’d feed them and become the virus

the demon that dwells inside of thee

dark and hollow on the inside

the annihilation of the self

faster than the speed of light

I am the end and the beginning

the dark star guiding you at night.

A Shadow

the crust unveils loneliness
nostalgia hits the loose beauty and tears
her apart. a new eye – putrefied breath

she lifts the sheet and enters the cold
world of rage. unspoken agony drags on the
surface of reason
and tames the sickness. no one dares to come
nearer – because too close is not far
enough. and how far could you be without
mocking the distance?

the ditch you have to step down, to feel, to
live. isolation of the senses, abnormal
composure. the machinery of the slef
confident crumbles and is reflected in the
echoes of the screaming ones. no sound too
high, no glance too gripping. it is the
essence of suffering. balsam for the scars
balsam for the bleeding ones. nothing is
darker than the shadow of the moon.

An Angel

we’re burning like skies in her eye

the deepest red

so thick and yet she cries

she’s turning their backs

the glances penetrate from behind

and stare right through the delicate flesh, yes:

we smell her sex – it’s a fucking mess

we taste her lust

we feel it’s wrong

but we want it

to be right

but we want it

to be right

who cares these days

who longs to question

fake clay hanging from her blue lips – eclipse

dripping a thousand times per second – a kiss

onto the sweet membrane

ain’t she wrapped in cellophane

a dying star here

losing faith

inhaling sugar – nicotine

cold-hearted heroine

with bare feet walking on the moon

no light will ever reach her

I bet she’ll forget real soon

I bet she’ll forget real soon

she’s out there with a vengeance

and she’ll never come back

she’ll never come back

her footprints leave a trail in the faces of the dead

her whispers protrude from underneath

“come with me,” she used to beg

offering silent chemical

I can’t forget the way

she crawls

I’m losing sight again

there’s nothing but to pray

for she’s my only true friend.



Wrap me up in cellophane

silently whisper

I bring the noise

far off in the distance

where only bad things grow

right by your side

keep coming back

I’m your reminder

I’m inside your head

breathing the stench

living in fear

the idiot rising

hopefully not so near

with his ancles breaking

and his will shaking.

Deadhead World

I see their faces

Zombie eyes

Can’t break down

Cheek to cheek

Holding on to

Blank stare

Shake that hollow mask off

Yeah, I’m doing all right!

Sweet Cement

Out here on this fragile island / the play attracts the insect’s mind / to raise and walk towards the liquid / and move over the fading line. / The mirror says “Hello,” and smiles / the smile of the most faithful stone / the pretty women to the left, / collecting glances, hate their own.

All along the way, a golden string is dancing / to celebrate the sweet cement.

The women to the right, they say, / are crawling on their knees. / Painting with their bleeding fingers / the way that fits their needs. / But if the naked blow just whispers / a “holy fuck” that gently sighs, / from ear to ear the image travels / and in between your legs it dies.

All along the way, a golden string is singing / to celebrate the sweet cement.

Concrete objects loose their shape / as the gift of endless summers / blinds the dreaming ape, / feeding him with one hand broken, / leaving him out in the open, / the curtain starts to shake.

“From now on I will seek rebellion,”/ the worm stands up and falls again / reversed reflections keep on laughing, / “Freeze and I will try it then.” / So now the camera that is watching, / finally shuts its trembling eye. / Cut, you scream and leave them wishing, / fishing for the glorious “why.”

All along the way, a golden string is laughing / to celebrate the sweet cement.


Cross___me::PAIN. Leave.
The dead bodies remind me of fertile ground.
Nourishing and feeding:::get up! Leave!!!
All over again.
Mischief starts to rise from the bottom.
There! Look! It’s right there!:::behind your eyes.
Do you still believe it’s all forgotten?
Inside. All warm and soft.
It’s breaking.
It’s the core.
Can’t you see the big, black walls?
“ I came back to save you!”
Let go. Don’t look up.
It’s in there.
Somewhere. Behind those wooden sticks.
Penetrating the iris.
Protruding from underneath the blanket.
The shade. It’s closed and all chrome and steel.
My brain can::not cope with that.
Yeah right: I’m leaving.
Dead. Body. Re-mind. Re-think. Repeat. Absorb.
To the ground. We’re left here on the borders.
Committing . . . [what???]