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Fake Plastic Heads - Music

Charles S. Kuzmanovic is recording music as
Fake Plastic Heads, creating avatronic music.

Avatronic = Avant-garde mixed with Electronic Music and bits of Glitch, Noise and Indie Rock.

Fake Plastic Heads – First-ever Live Session – June 26th 2021

On June 26th 2021, I have recorded a live set of 8 original Fake Plastic Heads songs. Due to the pandemic, I have created a tiny setting in my home studio. I have added timestamps in the YouTube description as well.

Nic Endo

Back in 2006, I presented my music to Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot)

Nic Endo
Source: https://www.facebook.com/Nic.Endo.official

Her response: “Quite exceptional for music from Germany.” We had a tiny conversation a couple of months later – after an Alec Empire gig in Cologne (Underground).

“Wehocha23 (Welcome Home Charlie Mix)” Official Music Video

The official music video: “Wehocha23 (Welcome Home Charlie Mix)” created by Johann Calderón (Argentina).

The song is about an uneasy period in my life (when I was 23).


Wehocha 23

The drops smash upon your face
penetrate the skin – darken the sun
onto your self
squeeze you against the glass
faster – harder
the air shoots out of your lungs
until you can’t scream anymore
the room – filled
mirrors twist the crumbling beauty
and whisper
but you can’t hear
sinking to the ground
submissive laws of the flesh
you’re there
where you always should have been
a place that holds no grace
a place that’s empty inside
… your private little hell.

Official Music Video: Cellophane (Deranged Mix 2021)

May 26th 2021

#fakeplasticheads and the new song “Cellophane (Deranged Mix 2021)”

This is the official music video.

Visuals: Johann Calderón


Wrap me up in cellophane
silently whisper
I bring the noise
far off in the distance
where only bad things grow
right by your side
keep coming back
I’m your reminder
I’m inside your head
breathing the stench
living in fear
the idiot rising
hopefully not so near
with his ankles breaking
and his will shaking.

_____ It’s a new interpretation of an old song of mine (recorded 2005/2006), that was released on my debut album on Clinical Archives. You can find the original track here: https://archive.org/details/ca448_fph

The brand new song (October 8th 2021) “M. (Close to Midnight Mix)”

“One One One” – recorded: October 9th 2021

The Fake Plastic Heads album “GROUNDWORK” (release date: Oct. 29th 2021)

Tune in to a couple of instrumentals: