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Fake Plastic Heads - Music

Charles S. Kuzmanovic is recording as
Fake Plastic Heads, creating avatronic music.

Avatronic = Avant-garde mixed with Electronic Music and bits of Glitch, Noise and Indie Rock.

This is the second live gig, recorded during the last week of 2021:
A Live Electronica Set:

Fake Plastic Heads – First-ever Live Session – June 26th 2021

On June 26th 2021, I have recorded a live set of 8 original Fake Plastic Heads songs. Due to the pandemic, I have created a tiny setting in my home studio. I have added timestamps in the YouTube description as well.

Nic Endo

Back in 2006, I presented my music to Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot)

Nic Endo
Source: https://www.facebook.com/Nic.Endo.official

Her response: “Quite exceptional for music from Germany.” We had a tiny conversation a couple of months later – after an Alec Empire gig in Cologne (Underground).

“Wehocha23 (Welcome Home Charlie Mix)” Official Music Video

The official music video: “Wehocha23 (Welcome Home Charlie Mix)” created by Johann Calderón (Argentina).

The song is about an uneasy period in my life (when I was 23).


Wehocha 23

The drops smash upon your face
penetrate the skin – darken the sun
onto your self
squeeze you against the glass
faster – harder
the air shoots out of your lungs
until you can’t scream anymore
the room – filled
mirrors twist the crumbling beauty
and whisper
but you can’t hear
sinking to the ground
submissive laws of the flesh
you’re there
where you always should have been
a place that holds no grace
a place that’s empty inside
… your private little hell.

Tune in to a couple of instrumentals: