German Electronica – Two New Releases

German Electronica – Two New Releases

Fake Plastic Heads will be releasing two new singles later in September 2021.
The first single “LV JAM” will drop on September 24th.

Here’s the cover/artwork of this particular song:

Fake Plastic Heads- LV JAM - single
Fake Plastic Heads – LV JAM – single

You can find (almost) all FPH releases on Spotify: CLICK HERE.

The song is basically a live recording, all set up in Ableton Live 10 Suite – with various Plugin-ins.
I’m using Native Instruments’ Maschine as my companion on this creative journey.

The second song “The CR0W” will hit the digital world one week after this release.

Fake Plastic Heads - The CR0W
Fake Plastic Heads – “The CR0W”

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