FPH is producing Avatronic Music

FPH is producing Avatronic Music

The alter ego of Charles S. Kuzmanovic: Fake Plastic Heads is producing Avatronic Music.
So, to start off correctly – here’s the question: What is Avatronic?

“Avatronic” is a blend of a couple of genres of electronic and experimental music:

Avant-Garde mixed with experimental, electronic beats and falvoured with various soundscapes that might originate from an electric guitar, and electric bass, an analogue synthesizer or even field-recordings. A couple of new productions have that certain Indie-Rock-vibe.

So basically, you can’t exactly tell, which specific genre prevails, but you surely can tell, that you’re listening to a Fake Plastic Heads song.

During the last week of 2021, CSK (a.k.a. Fake Plastic Heads) has recorded a Live Electronica Set:

Charles has received a grant from the GEMA, in order to sharpen his production skills and invest into new equipment.

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