New Fake Plastic Heads Album “Radical Animal”

New Fake Plastic Heads Album “Radical Animal”

Fake Plastic Heads’ brand new album “Radical Animal” will be released on September 17th 2021.
It will feature 7 original new recordings, 1 remix and 2 live performances.

It will be available on all major streaming platforms and in digital stores.


  1. Wehocha23 (Welcome Home Charlie Mix)
  2. The Woods (Hollow Mix)
  3. Cellophane (Deranged Mix)
  5. Brick-Coffin
  6. Take Care (Radical Animal Mix)
  7. An Angel (No Moon Mix)
  8. C1RCLE (I’m not a fcking DJ Mix)
  9. Wehocha23 (Live Version 2021)
  10. An Angel (Live Version 2021)
Radical Animal - Cover - Fake Plastic Heads

Update September 17th 2021: Here’s the album on Spotify.

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